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23 June 2007
This Could Only Happen In North Carolina
A while back, the story about inhaleable alcohol broke over the internet (I can't find the specific link, but this was announced several years ago in 2004). Fast forward to today, and there's an article floating around stating the machines have been banned in my home state of North Carolina ... Read More...
12 February 2007
Recent Band Discovery -- The Cinematics
It's hard to sift through the crapola that is the music industry as of late...95% of the stuff that's out now is pure junk IMO. And who has time to go to the music store these days? Sometimes I wish I was a DJ so I could get paid to listen to music. Regardless, I've been trying to branch out some lately;... Read More...
26 September 2006
Yoga Will Kick Your Ass
I used to be a physical guy when I was younger. I played tennis and soccer competitively throughout high school, and was an avid skier for about a decade. I used to rock climb, hike, camp out, and even went through a running phase for about a year where I ran between 10-20 miles 3-4 times a week. I also... Read More...