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23 June 2007
This Could Only Happen In North Carolina
A while back, the story about inhaleable alcohol broke over the internet (I can't find the specific link, but this was announced several years ago in 2004). Fast forward to today, and there's an article floating around stating the machines have been banned in my home state of North Carolina ... Read More...
22 February 2007
Hang Up The Phone And Drive
I saw the funniest thing driving home today. I pulled up behind a soccer-mom-mobile (and SUV for anyone who has no idea what that means) which had a fairly large bumper sticker with the following text: "Drive now, talk later." The driver was, of course, yakking away on the phone the entire time I was... Read More...
24 May 2006
Rednecks Converge On Charlotte
Well it’s that time of year again…the one weekend where every redneck (wow, there’s a Wiki on rednecks???) willing to shell out enough money to A) travel to Charlotte and B) buy a ticket for the Coca-Cola 600 converges on downtown Charlotte for an event affectionately called Speed... Read More...
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