Best. Wedding. Ever. Sorry Ladies, Matt Brandau Is Off The Market

A very good friend of mine, Matt Brandau recently got married to a wonderful woman, and I had the pleasure of attending. Here are some photos from the festivities. It was without a doubt the most fun reception I've ever attended...Matt is a professional bassist (shameless plug, he now plays with The Old Ceremony; an amazing band out of Chapel Hill...definitely check out some of their music @ the link above) with a degree in music from UNC. All of his previous bands were in attendance and got up on stage at one point or another to perform. Hilarity ensued, and it'll be a tough act to follow whenever I get married one day.

Congratulations guys are a beautiful couple and I'm sure you'll have a lifetime of happiness together. All of the 'core' crew is married up; my buddy Jason Dulin and I are the only bachelors left.

Sidenote: Where the heck has Jayson been lately? Taking a break from blogging. Actually, ever since I've discovered Twitter (I'm here) I've been posting there quite a bit. Definitely not a substitute for blogging, but it's been a great way to stay connected with a lot of folks I've met in the blogosphere. I've run this site for 4 years, and have close to a thousand posts, so a break was probably needed, if not earned. I'm not making any new year's resolutions such as "I plan to make X number of posts this year" because quite simply I don't know when I'll get around to regular posting again. It'll be sooner than later so definitely stay subscribed. From a technical perspective, Sharepoint 2007 has been taking up a lot of my time, so expect some posts soon about my adventures in MOSS-land.

Sidenote++: My main new year's resolution is to quit smoking. I'm getting on the cessation pill in the next week or 2, it's worked miracles for some of my family members (some of them with 30+ years of smoking history). I wish all of you the very best of 2008...something tells me it's gonna be the best year yet.