Why Apple Makes a One Button Mouse

Via Slashdot (full post here):

 "There is a short article at Gear Live that tries to explain why Apple still sticks with a one button mouse. It points out the fact that although it is perfectly possible to use a two button mouse on a Mac for 7 years now, developers are forced to rethink their design approach and can't flood the right click menu. No article of this kind would be complete without mentioning that users get confused with two buttons.”

The link to the post on GearLive is (of course...for now) /.’ed; the irony is that even I as a professional developer never thought about it affecting Mac developers, hence why they still have a one button mouse.  One of the (initially frustrating) coolest things when I moved from Mac to Windows at age 21 was having a multi button mouse (proud owner of an Intellipoint Explorer with no less than 5 buttons), and easy access to a contextual menu (I’m pretty sure I remember Mac OS 8.x-9.x having contextual menus, albeit accessible by the keyboard, I don’t think OSX has one, but I could be wrong).  Of course I usually drive mouseless, so it’s not so much of a big deal now.  Now, whenever I have to help my family out with computer issues (all fiercely Mac owners), it drives me nuts having to use a single button mouse.

Sidenote:  Why doesn’t slashdot ever get /.’ed?  Chew on that one…