Apprentice Season 3 Predictions

That’s right folks, you heard it hear first (ok, maybe not first).  Forgive the vagueness (18 (whoops, 17) candidates to get to know?  I haven’t even lived that long yet…), but I really like the format this go round…street smarts versus book smarts.  Seeing as I only did about a year and a half of college before entering the workforce, it’s pretty apparent where my vote lies…but I’m trying to be impartial.  That being said, I still feel quite strongly that someone from the street smarts team will be crowned the apprentice.  Some of the most talented/savvy/tenacious/brilliant people I’ve ever worked with have had little or no college, a rare breed of go-getters who simply saw college as a means to an end and nothing more.  IMO, nothing beats good ol’ on the job training.  I will make a final prediction after a few more episodes (and after I learn all of the candidates names).  One thing worth mentioning is that there seems to be a good number of candidates who work in some sort of technical field (not to be confused with actually “being” technical of course).

Other predictions for this season:

  • The Donald will say “you’re fired” 16 more times.
  • The Donald will shock us all in the boardroom by proving once and for all he does indeed wear a toupee by getting so frustrated at a candidate that he rips it off and throws it at them.
  • Milania will finally realize that while I may not have as much money as Trump, she and I were meant to be together.
  • Some of the candidates will finally end up sleeping with each other, and ratings will soar on the announcement of “The Apprentices Gone Wild, Trump Towers Vacation” hosted by Kwame Jackson.
  • Trump will finally wear a decent tie (that could be stretching it though).
  • Caroline will profess her love for George in the boardroom, and The Donald ends up firing them both in an unexpected twist.  They will be replaced by all of his ex-wives.

Looks like a good season to me!

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# TFG said:



Saturday, January 22, 2005 12:00 AM
# manny said:

A typical liberal media you are. I was appalled of this last Apprentice session. This is why the world is pissed at us. We attempt to sell what could be considered a luxury item (i.e PS2 Game) to a third world country. Or to put it more locally, selling PS2 games to a community most likely on welfare. Lets give reasons to those kids that dont have lunch money to steal money to get this game.

Sometimes I agree that we are full of greed and capitalist pigs with all the wrong priorities. I loved the Apprentice, I thought it very educational, but this one turned me off. I guess this is what business america is really about. Take money from those that dont have it or make them commit a crime by advertising it as a necessity of life.

I'm saddend by you approving of this advertising ploy Donald. And I shall never support PS2 with their idea of where there market is for their upscale product.

I hope you will not do this type of competition again, this is not the message we want to send to our populace and the world.

Saturday, February 26, 2005 5:31 PM