Olympics -- Men's High Bar Competition

I have refrained from commenting on the Olympics thusfar, however...wtf?  I'm all for our American gymnasts, however the Russian guy so clearly schooled the rest of the field on high bar tonight, yet didn't even get a medal (even after 10 minutes of booing from the crowd for the unfair scoring of his routine).

Anyone who watched this competition tonight knows exactly what I'm talking about.  'nuff said.

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# Jeremy Huffman said:

I don't know. What did he have, six releases? Great crowd pleasers, but then he didn't stick it. That stick is supposedly only .10 but it seems to be difference between gold and jack...yet I don't think Paul stuck it either. So we have to wonder, is there bias regarding nationality or are crowd-pleasing releases not the only basis for judgement? I don't know enough about gymnastics and I think it gets too much air when great sports like fencing (US woman win first gold EVER!) go unnoticed. Still, I was impressed by the judge's cave to the crowd, and believe me I was with the crowd at that point.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004 6:14 AM
# jayson knight said:

none of the high bar guys stuck the landing (paul, russian guy, the other guy (either korean or japanese, can't remember)). impressive as it was that the judges caved, he still didn't get the score he deserved IMO. it seems that every year there is some kind of scandalous actions by the judges...another one i was equally shocked by is the japanese breast stroke swimmer _clearly_ made a dolphin kick on one of his turns racing for the gold medal. i googled his name and "dolphin kick" and whaddya know, he's been DQ'd from other meets for the exact same thing (there is even a video on one of the pages). he won by such a large margin in that race that it's apparent the dolphin kick really gave him a boost...but no one said anything. oh well, not everyone is always going to agree on everything eh? cheers.

Thursday, August 26, 2004 3:03 AM