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17 August 2004
I am taking google's adsense service for a test drive. I probably won't make any money, but I'm curious to see what links it throws up on my site. Is it too invasive? In other news, my main workstation at home is blue-screening itself to death, throwing a different stop error each time. I haven't had a blue screen in years, and haven't updated much on the system itself (certainly haven't upgraded to SP2), so I am baffled as to what's going on. Money says it's either memory or hard drive, even though both are relatively new. Not too happy about the 35 bucks it's gonna cost to call MS either. cheers. Read More...
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10 August 2004
Modal Form Quirkiness in Windows Forms -- Change Password Dialog
[Update] The entire source for this post can be found here . Just cut and paste into a WinForm. I was recently tasked with writing a change password dialog box for a windows forms application we are shipping soon. This sounds simple enough (I've only written dozens for ASP.NET), however I have a minimal background in Win32 programming...been doing ASP.NET for quite some time now, so I knew it would be an interesting adventure moving from the stateless world of http to the stateful world of WinForms. The constraints behind the form were straightforward: Three fields, one for the old password, one for the new password, and one to confirm the new password. None of the fields can be blank on form submittal. The new password and confirm new password fields must contain the same value. If a control is not valid, set focus to the control. If the form is closed, all field values are set to empty strings (this is because modal forms maintain state between calls, more on that later). The ErrorProvider... Read More...
10 August 2004
Weekly Links
A couple of days late (had some pet drama around the crib), but better late than never. Here's a great article about building smart clients . A worthy read if you are just now venturing into the big bad realm that is smart clients. Funny story about airport security in Amsterdam . I had the disdain of flying through Schipol a few months after 9/11...needless to say, I can sympathize with this guy. They ran the full gammut on me as well, literally tore my laptop apart, scanned my shoes (not a good idea to take your shoes off after a trans-atlantic flight if you get my drift). But it's all in the name of security, right? Here's a high level overview of some of the features in SQL Server 2005 . It's basic stuff, but worth skimming over (a nice compendium). Adult Swim goes through a programming change . Just give us our Aqua Teen Hunger Force! An exhaustive list of how to get virtually any OS to run in VirtualPC . If it's an OS, it's probably on this list. This would be a great way to get acquainted... Read More...
10 August 2004
OT -- JD (Zach Braff) From Scrubs Has a Blog
I don't watch much TV. When I do watch TV, it's generally not sitcoms (aside from syndicated Frasier or Seinfeld). However, Scrubs is a great sitcom...and it turns out that JD (Zach Braff) from the aforementioned sitcom has a blog (along with 300+ comments per post). Incredible. Looking forward to the new season, and keep the posts coming! Read More...
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07 August 2004
Javascript Confessions
I have a confession to make: I don't know javascript (ECMA script, jscript, whatever you want to call it). Scratch that actually, I know javascript - the language (I mean, come's almost identical in syntax to C/C++/Java/C#), I just don't really know the DOM too well. I can do basic stuff, but I've really realized my limitations with it recently. If I can't do it, more than likely someone else has done it and published it on the web; it's just a matter of finding it; I rarely write my own scripts. I'm not a big fan of scripting. I'm a .Net guy...I like doing everything I can via server side code. Back in the day, I was a VB6 guy, with a dash of ASP thrown in for good (bad) measure. I usually tried to avoid ASP because once again, I am not a big fan of scripting. Why am I not a big fan of scripting? Because of the whole spaghetti code paradigm. I _don't_ like mixing presentation code with code that defines what data in the presentation layer should do. When ASP.NET came out, it was... Read More...
05 August 2004
Windows XP Service Pack 2...Almost
[Update: 08/07/2004] SP2 has been released to MSDN subscribers. Unreal...MS has again delayed SP 2 for Windows XP. I understand that it's for the better, but it really doesn't make them look too good, especially after they already announced the RTM yesterday. Oh well, I hope this isn't indicative of future releases of other software (Longhorn, Whidbey, Yukon, etc). Read More...
05 August 2004
Web Based Interface for MSN Messenger -- Finally
MSN has _finally_ released a web based client for their MSN Messenger IM software. The interface is pretty incredible (read: simple, and nearly identical to it's desktop brethren), and it groups chat windows on XP with other desktop messenger windows. It's about damn time...well done. Read More...
05 August 2004
What Roman Emperor Are You?
lmfao... (technical blogs coming soon, I promise). You're Augustus, the first emperor of Rome. He had a lot of drive and skill, possessing a respectable spirit and the ability to persuade. His wife was alwasys in his ear, she has a BIGGER persuasive spirit. He's a God. What Julio-Claudian Roman Emperor are you? brought to you by Quizilla Read More...
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02 August 2004
Blogs I Read
Here is a list of the blogs I read in OPML fomat (will be updated as I add blogs). Right click, save as please. Read More...
02 August 2004
First Post via BlogJet
This is my first post via BlogJet (huge ups to James Avery for the recommendation). The interface to this app is in stark contrast to VisualBlogger (see previous post) in that it's pretty simple and straightforward; very intuitive. I am not looking forward to paying 20 bucks for it though. The main selling points are that it supports cross-posting, and is just as simple to configure. It also formats posts correctly, and the HTML it generates is much more straightforward. I hope VisualBlogger becomes this easy to use (I really dig the code formatting it does...I will continue to use it for that, but that alone). Happy blogging. Now playing: Autechre - Foil Update: BlogJet throws an “Invalid Cast Exception” when I attempt to update previous posts. I just need a blog posting application that works, is that too much to ask!?! :-) Read More...
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